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webMathematica V3
by Wolfram Research Inc. USA

webMathematica is the clear choice for adding interactive calculations to the web. This unique technology enables you to create websites that allow users to compute and visualize results directly from a web browser. Based on the world's leading technical computing software and the proven Java Servlet technology, webMathematica is fully compatible with Mathematica and state-of-the-art dynamic web systems.



Applications include:

  • Deploy calculators, algorithms and solvers over the web
  • Provide specialized solutions to your premium customers
  • Sell or rent your value added services
  • Financial, Statistical and Engineering modeling
  • Deliver sophisticated courseware over the web
  • Educational applications
New Features of webMathematica V3:
  • Interactive Tools - replicate the Manipulate command for web pages
  • Expression Language and Custom Tags - more concise calls to Mathematica from web pages
  • Queuing System
  • Support for Wolfram Workbench
  • Support for REST and SOAP web services
  • New Logging System to track different types of errors
  • Improved Kernel Monitor
  • Improved Kernel Interaction
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