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Lindo, Lingo & What's Best
by Lindo Systems Inc. USA

Speed and ease-of-use have made LINDO Systems a leading supplier of software tools for building and solving optimization models. Their linear, nonlinear and integer programming solvers have been used by thousands of companies worldwide to maximize profit and minimize cost on decisions involving production planning, transportation, finance, portfolio allocation, capital budgeting, blending, scheduling, inventory, resource allocation and more.


What'sBEST! V13
The most powerful optimization add-in for Excel is now even stronger. Release 13 of What'sBest! includes a wide range of performance enhancements and new features

  • Faster Solutions on Linear Models with Improved Simplex Solver
  • Better Performance on Integer Models
  • Expanded Capabilities of Efficient Solution of Quadratic Problems
  • Smarter Presolver
  • Improved Nonlinear Solver
  • Support for additional math and probability functions

A faster, more powerful release of LINGO has recently begun shipping. Release 15.0 of LINGO includes support for new platforms as well as a wide range of performance enhancements and new features.

  • Native Macintosh Support
  • GUI Interface for Linux Versions of Lingo
  • Conic Solver Enhancements
  • Linear Solver Improvements
  • Integer Solver Improvements
  • Nonlinear Solver Improvements
  • Presolver Improvements
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