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SigmaPlot V14
by Systat Software Inc.

SigmaPlot is an award-winning technical graphing and data analysis software package used by more than 250,000 scientists, researchers and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Now Sigmaplot 11 also offers a complete advisory statistical analysis feature and a full range of graphing templates. SigmaPlot enables researchers to convert their data into precise, publication ready graphs that best present their results



New features in release 13:

  • Complete Advisory Statistical Features
  • Global Curve Fitting
  • Improved Standard Curves Macro
  • New 2D Vector PLot Graph Type
  • Improved 3D Graph Customization
  • Pre-Formatted Worksheets
  • New Updated User Interface
  • 100% Vista Compliance
  • Import Excel 2007 Files Directly into SigmaPlot
  • Automatic Updating of Quick Transforms
  • Import/Export EMF Files

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