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TableCurve2D V5.01
by Systat Software Inc.

TableCurve2D is the first and only software that fully automates the tedious task of finding optimal parametric equations to fit two dimentiuonal empirical data


TableCurve3D V4.0
by Systat Software Inc.

TableCurve3D finds the ideal model for even the most complex data. With one mouse click, its selective subset procedure automatically fits thousands of built in equations


TableCurve2D - Automated 2D Curve Fitting and Analysis

  • Quickly find the best equations that describe your data with 3,665 built-in equations
  • Automation takes the trial and error out of curve fitting
  • Fit user defined equations
  • Accurately extrapolate any data set
  • Graphically review curve fit results
  • Compare models using meaningful numeric information
  • Effectively manage complex data sets with six smoothing/de noising algorithms
  • Includes non-parametric estimation - spline, smoothing spline and local regression
  • Generate fitted function code in FORTRAN, C, BASIC, Pascal and VBA for Excel
TableCurve3D - Automated 3D Curve Fitting and Analysis
  • Find optimum equations to describe empirical data, including polynomial, rational functions, logarithmic, exponential, nonlinear peak and transition functions
  • Automation takes the trial and error out of curve fitting with 450 million built in functions
  • Fit user-defined functions
  • Flexible output options, including graphs, ASCII, Excel and SigmaPlot files, and function code in FORTRAN, C BASIC and Pascal
  • With all this power, it’s still easy to use!
  • Tablecurve 3d solves complex science and engineering problems faster
  • Model exotic data sets with advanced non-parametric procedures for gridded and scattered data
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