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AnyLogic 8.8.5 by The Anylogic Company, USA

AnyLogic is a professional simulation tool for complex discrete, continuous and hybrid systems. Powerful and flexible, it is used to model, simulate, visualize and analyze a diverse range of real-world problems. AnyLogic is innovative software based on such advanced technologies as UML, Java, hybrid systems theory, and best numerical methods.


Top Feature Highlights

  • New Material Handling Library The library assists with simulating production lines and assembly lines, as well as the transportation of goods in warehouses and factories – including the use of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

  • Rail Library Check the availability of tracks - trains wait until a track is clear before using it. Manual blocking of tracks and dynamic recalculation of the route is now also implemented, as well as 3 new types of rail switches.

  • AnyLogic Cloud — the web service for cloud based simulation analytics The subscription and self-hosted service enables the analysis of the most demanding models and the resolution of complex business problems.

How to get started with Anylogic cloud? A short overview

Anylogic Supports a wide range of application areas

Asset Management Business Processes
Ecosystem Dynamics Healthcare
Supply Chain Logistics
Manufacturing Marketplace & Competition
Pedestrian Dynamics Social Dynamics
Supply Chain Telecom & IT Infrastructure

Selected Simulation Models

Solar Panel Production Line

Developed with AnyLogic simulation software

Activity Based Costing

Developed with AnyLogic simulation software

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