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by Hugin Expert AS

Hugin is a unique software package for construction, maintenance and usage of model-based decision support systems in areas characterized by uncertain or incomplete knowledge. It uses a simple knowledge representation, a causal probabilistic network - also known as a Bayesian Network, Belief network, or influence diagrams. Bayesian networks are often used to model domains that are characterized by inherent uncertainty.


Sample Applications of Bayesian Networks
  • Medicine - diagnosis of muscle and nerve diseases
  • Software - debugging, trouble shooting and evaluation of complex systems
  • Information Processing - display of information for time-critical decisions; aircroft control
  • Industry - diagnosis and repair of vehicles; process control
  • Economy - credit application evaluation; portfolio risk analysis
  • Military - NATO airborne early warning and control program
  • Agriculture - blood typing and parentage verification of cattle; mildew management in winter wheat
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