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ABSOFT Fortran by Absoft Inc. USA

Absoft's solutions include Fortran, C/C++ compilers and programming tools along with optional Mathematical and Statistical libraries, Numercial and Visualization libraries, and the VAST pre-processor for automatically vectorizing or parallelizing code to improve performance. The Pro Fortran compiler suite for Macintosh OS X and Pro Fortran for Windows both combine f77, f95 and C/C++ compilers with a powerful, easy-to-use IDE and the Fx2 Debugger allowing programmers the versatility of a GUI interface with advanced programming tools. In a special OEM-partnership Absoft is able to offer IBM's XL Fortran and XL C/C++ for Macintosh OS X which are bundled at no additional cost with the Fx2 debugger.


Absoft Fortran Compilers for Linux on 32-bit and 64-bit
Absoft's NEW Fortran compilers for Linux combine state-of-the-art code generation and optimization technology with solid reliability and the industry's most complete list of tools and libraries into a single package. This allows huge productivity gains while merely requiring recompilation of existing source code with no rewriting or reprogramming.

Superior Performance
New Absoft Fortran Compilers for Linux use state-of-the-art optimization technology to deliver the best real-world application performance on AMD Athlon and Intel Xeon processors. For developing Fortran in parallel environments, tools that can automatically restructure serial code for dual processors, add OpenMP directives or help build and debug complex code on a distributed cluster system are optionally available.

Ease of Use
The Absoft Fortran Compiler for Linux will install on any popular Linux distribution. Fortran includes a complete User Guide (.PDF) with clear examples of editing, compiling, debugging and running programs. To ensure customers obtain maximum performance, options are suggested for optimizations and compatibility. Linking with C/C++ is simple and the Absoft Fx2 Debugger included with this compiler is one of the only debugging solutions that can properly debug both Fortran and C/C++ programs. Pre-built math and graphics libraries are also included.

Absoft Fortran adheres to the latest ISO and ANSI Fortran 95 standards. The compiler is fully source-compatible with all previous and future versions of Absoft Fortran Compilers. Huge productivity gains can be attained by merely recompiling existing source code. For legacy applications, Absoft compilers support:
  • DoD MIL-STD 1753
  • FIPS 69-1
  • POSIX standards
  • Most popular VAX/VMS extensions including:
  • QUAD data types
  • Several IBM/VS, Cray, Sun FORTRAN and FORTRAN 66 conventions
  • Automatic byte swapping
  • Full integration with GNU (porting code often requires little more than recompilation)
  • F95, F90 or F77 mode.
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