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by Wolfram Research Inc. USA

gridMathematica extends Mathematica's built-in parallelization capabilities. gridMathematica runs more tasks in parallel, over more CPUs, for faster execution. Whether you distribute tasks over local or remote CPUs or both, process coordination and management is completely automated. Appropriate parallel tasks run faster with no need for code changes


gridMathematica7 local:

  • Personal Supercomuting is now a practical reality
  • gridMathematica local is an add-on for standard single machine licenses
  • Adds four additional comutation kernels to the four included with a standard Mathematica license
  • Tasks will automatically be distributed over more local CPU's
gridMathematica7 server:
  • gridMathematica server is an add-on for Mathematica network licenses
  • Each gridMathematica Server adds a pool of 16 additional network-enabled Mathematica computation kernels
  • Supports third party cluster management systems such as Altair PBS Professional, Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft HPC Server, Platform LSF, and Sun Grid Engine
Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager:
  • Makes it easy for users to find and run Mathematica computational kernels on remote computers
  • It immediately makes your idle hardware and software resources available to your whole workgroup.
  • Access and the number of computational kernels are controlled and monitored via a web interface
  • This product is included in gridMathematica Server and as a free benefit of Premier Service for other Mathematica licenses
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