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Mathematica V9
by Wolfram Research Inc. USA

Mathematica, long recognized as the world's most powerful mathematical software system, has steadily grown in breadth and depth to become today an unparalleled platform for all forms of computation. With thousands of original algorithms and a tightly unified overall design, Mathematica spans projects of all sizes - from simple calculator operations and educational demonstrations to large-scale systems deployment and maximum-power supercomputing.


Mathematica Application Packages
Field Specific Solutions with the extensive range of Application package add-on products
Mathematica is not only for pure mathematics but is used by a wide range of professionals

Wolfram Developed Field Specific Add-on Solutions:

Control System Professional
Comprehensive Control System Environment with Integrated Symbolic Capability
Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis in Mathematica
Control System Professional Suite
Powerful, Integrated Tools for Control
New Kind of Science Explorer
Use your Mathematica to extend the discoveries of A New Kind of Science
Digital Image Processing
Powerful, Fast Image Processing and Analysis
Neural Networks
Train and Analyze Neural Networks to Fit Your Data
Experimental Data Analyst
Fitting, Visualization, and Error Analysis
Structural Mechanics
Elastic Systems and Finite Elements with Full Symbolic Capability
Finance Essentials
Design and Analyze Proprietary Financial Systems
Finance Time Series
A Fully Integrated Environment for Time-Dependent Data Analysis
Finance Fuzzy Logic
The Most Flexible Environment for Exploring Fuzzy Systems
Wavelet Explorer
New Generation Signal and Image Analysis

Third-Party Developed Add-on Solutions:

The Mathematica Finite Element Environment
Interactive 3D-Graphics Add-On for Mathematica
Multi-Language, Multi-environment Numerical Code Generation
Modeling and Simulation for Complex Systems
Analog Insydes
The Intelligent Symbolic Design System for Analog Circuits
An Advanced Modeling and Optimization System for Mathematica Users
BEST Viewpoints
Data Analysis made simple
MathOptimizer Professional
An Advanced Global and Local Nonlinear Optimization
Derivatives Expert
Innovative Securities and Derivatives Analysis Software
Your Simulation with Mathematica's Object Orientation
Exact Drawing and Geometry
Operations Research
Constrained Optimization with Applications from Operations Research
Global Optimization
Global Optimization for Constrained and Unconstrained Nonlinear Functions
PathwayLab Research Edition
Modeling and Simulation Tool for Biochemical Networks
KNITRO for Mathematica
A Solver for large-scale nonlinear optimization
Integrated Optics Package for Mathematica
Entry-Level Ray-Tracing Package for Mathematica
Schematic Capture and Symbolic Solving of Analog and Digital Systems
The Mechanism Prototyping System
Statistical Inference Package
Application-Oriented Statistical Inference
Machine learning framework
Creating Understandable Computational Models from Data
Tensors in Physics
Compute Tensor Calculations with hundreds or thousands of components
MathCode C++
Rapid Development of Production-Quality Code
Fast, Accurate Pricing of Derivatives in Mathematica
MathCode F90
Rapid Development of Production-Quality Code
UnRisk Standard
Standard Utilities, Functions, and Derivative Instruments for Mathematica Programmers in Finance
Mathematica Link for LabVIEW
Tap into the Combined Power of Mathematica and LabVIEW
TSi ProPac
Control System Design and Multibody Dynamics

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